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Unleash Your Creative Power...Paint Your Self free!

Are you longing to paint and express yourself creatively? Do you feel a calling inside to explore your divine feminine nature, and connect deeper with your soul through conscious creativity ? Come join me on this exciting art journey, where we will use paint on a canvas as a tool to access our feminine power and the deep wisdom of our soul.
The workshop runs over two days from 12.30pm - 17.30 pm (other arrangements can be made). 
Through simple steps you will learn to paint a female face, however the true learning will be what you discover and learn about yourself through the entire creative process.
Both beginners as well as experienced painters are welcome!


Do you dream of expressing yourself creatively? Are you curious about intuitive abstract painting?
Maybe you have never painted before and would love to try it? You might have experience in painting, but are looking for new inspiration? Perhaps you are feeling an inner urge to nurture yourself and dedicate some precious time for creative selfexpression?
Come join in a fun, mindful, creative workshop, where we will get loose with colorful paint, play with different tools and marks, and create art from our soul. You don't need any art experience. All are welcome.
The workshop runs in weekends from 1pm - 3.30 pm.
There are 5 spots available on each workshop.

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