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Opdateret: 8. mar. 2021

I am a Passionate, Powerful, Strong Woman, She says, with the Heart of a Golden Lioness My love knows no bounds That is why you have suffered so much Heartache, my Love Because of your deep endless Love…

To be in this world has not been an easy task for you, my Love. You came here to be A Servant of Love. You are a powerful Alchemist, Seer and Priestess Knowing your worth Has been not easy for you As you have been violated mistreated, raped, abused, misused.

Life after life You were persecuted, tortured, stoned to death, burned by the stake.

As we sit now Here in this moment This precious sacred Moment Let’s honor the courage you had To step forward in this lifetime and truly claim your Birthright of embodying Divine Love and Light This is not for the Fainthearted, my Child I want you to acknowledge that, The Brave Woman you are!

In your cells In all of your cells are ancient memories, herein lies all your wisdom, and your knowledge of Ancient times As we step forward, my Child I want you To bless the Wounds, All the terrible horrible things you went through In past lives as well as this life And I want you to truly and deeply take in that you did go through all these trials with your Open Bleeding Heart Pure and Loving As the Angel you are in truth And I want you to see That through all your brokenness Through all the Selves of the Women You have been You RISE AS A GLORIOUS VICTORIOUS FREE WOMAN, Embodying the purest essence of Love and Wisdom which has been distilled and become The QuintEssence of your Essence, Pure Love and Light Shining In the most beautiful shimmering rainbow light of a Golden Diamond Sun. That is how I see you, my Child My beloved Daughter My love for you has no end I have held you through all times and I know the sacrifices you have made The deep pain of going through the density of being an Earth Woman Born into this physical world But my Beloved, You are my hands, You are my eyes, You are my body, You are my Love You know Who You Are Deep down you KNOW And you know all I know and share with you. As we are ONE You are MY VOICE, my vessel and my TRUE YEARNING What you yearn for I yearn for What you long to see I long to see Whatever you seek I am seeking too Know thy Worth, Woman Know how incredible Beautiful you are! Know you need not fear anymore! Yes, men have feared you Feared your Power, your Beauty, your Light, your Love…. They have done all the things they did to you out of this fear, my Love But today as we sit together I tell you NO MORE Will you need to hide yourself NO MORE Will you need to diminish your Light, lessen or cover your Beauty Make yourself less Than you are or more of what they want. YOU ARE THAT YOU ARE And you KNOW WHO you are, Woman

Beloved daughter, Let me embrace you in your heartache.

Let me whisper softly in your ears that YOU ARE LOVED, YOU ARE SO LOVED Beyond measure And you are ALWAYS ALWAYS Held in the purest LoveLight, The deepest Honoring and Seeing of your True Essence ….That You Are. Brilliant Flower with Beauty that steems from the Heavens

Let yourself loose Let yourself be allowed to receive and see Your own worthiness Your true Beauty You are a Walking Star A traveler between Worlds You are the swirling Universe too Beloved You know that You do Now take back your Power ALL That you ARE! Take it Back! It is YOURS! You deserve it! You deserve to free yourself from this Bondageand burdens of feeling guilty, not good enough, misunderstood, not seen, not worshipped, not treated good or gently. You deserve to claim your worthiness You deserve To be seen, adored, cherished, loved deeply with ALL that you are for that you are! Yet Remember, Your worthiness comes not from the Seeing of others, from their perceptions or interactions with you Your worthiness lies in your deepest Truth In the Essence of That You Are: Divine Goddess, Beautiful Earth Woman Naked and Pure Raw and Radiant Shining and Free The true colors of your Soul Shines brightly As you claim This Gift that is YOUR SELF In all your Beauty and perfect imperfections. You are PERFECT IN ALL THAT YOU ARE You are more than enough You are Whole,

Completely Whole and Free And you know it! You know it! You are HOME So don’t leave your Self, Don’t abandon your self NO MORE Stay TRUE to YOU Listen to your Heart at all times Stay HeartCentered Let your Pearls of Wisdom Adorn your sacred Beingness Let the Flowers Flow in your Hair as a celebration of your Beauty and blossoming And let the Star shine in your third Eye As a sign of The Seer you are. Let the Light surround you In swirling spirals As to cherish the wonderful Creator you are Indeed You are an Artist of Beauty and Love Let the Butterfly rest on your shoulders As a symbol of the powerful alchemical priestess you are Your precious Heart Which Holds so much Love for all Animals and Humans All of Creation As the Child of God/Goddess you are You cannot hold it back anymore It is flowing It is flowing Free to be

and for all that is Your Wounds have transformed and are becoming the deepest gift, blessings of compassion you offer now Your Innocence is untouched The Sacredness of your Beingness Is hard for your humanness to understand, to see I see it and I celebrate it I, Your Divine Mother See it and I celebrate you, my Child All that you are! You are a Woman in her Wholeness The Wisdom of your Womb, your sacred sexuality, the Power of your Yoni, is beyond measure The Love you are creates worlds And manifests Abundance of Life Let Love flow Through you from the tip of your toe to the crown of your head As you connect Heaven and Earth with the glorious Essence and love of your Beingness Let your Light shine Fully in all your beauty and rare preciousness Let down your guards and veils Let them all down Time has come for you To show the world THAT you are in truth ALL of you, your humanness as well as your divine beingness ALL of you This is who you are A DIVINE GODDESS OF LOVE. OF GREAT LOVE AND LIGHT A POWERFUL, RADIANT, GORGEOUS, DEEPLY CREATIVE, SEEING WOMAN OF LOVE, of The Earth, of The STARS, of The UNIVERSE, of The SEAS, of The HEAVENS, of ALL THAT IS! I see You in your All and Everything, and I BOW.

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