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Opdateret: 8. mar. 2021

"My Heart is my Chalice,

God is my Witness and Love, my only true Source of Salvation and Freedom. I surrender deeply to the Christed Golden God Flame of my Heart which transmutes all darkness I may face into Pure Gold and Diamonds of my Heart.

From the Fire I rise as the Emerald One… The One who has had the Bravery and Willingness to go through deep death processes over and over again and again. The One whose Heart has being broken and scattered into pieces again and again and again.

So She may transmute all her pain, all her suffering into Wisdom of her Heart, the deepest, purest Shining and Compassionate Heart.

I have travelled the darkest depths and roads of despair and heartache. I have not spared myself as I have chosen to walk the Path of The Emerald Fire.

This is but one Path of many I have taken on me, but the Path of the Emerald Fire is that of the Highest Service to Mankind

Being a transmitter of Golden Christ Light Being a Code Carrier and Wisdomkeeper of The Emerald Fire is no small task. It requires total commitment to The Light of Love. "

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