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"It was a very giving experience to paint with Betinna.

The process included a guided meditation and connection to the divine sacred Feminine, and from this I received very powerful and useful messages that I continue to use.

The integration of the knowing and inner guidance into a painting was a very intense experience and it is helping me to manifest that knowing into my life.


Betinna's encouragement and guidance was very helpful and I had to just surrender to the process, and I am glad I did!

I am amazed at the unfolding of the painting and that it was possible to achieve in 2-3 days.

It was a very safe, giving and transformative process, and I am very happy for this experience of using creativity in the unfolding of spirituality."


              — Barbara Mauritson, DK 

Project Coordinator

(One on One Workshop, "Paint Your Divine Feminine")


I was really pleased to work with Betinna Petersen. Betinnas way of working with the deep, creative and spirituel processes is very attentive and gentle. She is very present and listening.

I especially appreciated the safe space she created so I could relax and feel held. I felt completely safe and confident with Betinna's capability to facilitate the processes and lead me through whatever would arise.

It was such fun to have this free time to play with the colors, and I quickly let go of my performance anxiety.

In my meditation I met the feminine figure, which I later was to paint and it was mindblowing that the gestalt, I met, was so clear in the way she wanted to be manifested."

— Charlotte Thorsen, DK

Leadership Consultant, Rhetorician and Singer

(One on One Workshop, "Paint Your Divine Feminine")

"After my participation in Betinna's workshop in intuitive painting, I was feeling so high. I experienced a profound opening of my senses and the creative processes.

We were introduced to different types of tools, and afterwards we worked in a meditative way.

When I paint, I am very controlled with what I do and focused on a linear direction. 

I learned to let go, which was enormeously freeing, and such a learning experience.

Betinna is warmhearted and patient, and I can really recommend her workshop.

I am already looking forward to the next time."


— Maibritt Skovgaard, Teacher, DK

(Participant in "Intuitive Abstract

Painting Workshop")

"Thank you so much for a lovely course in Nordhavn's Culturehouse.


The atmosphere was pleasant and I felt in safe hands, I could choose if I wanted to share or not.  

You are a very nice person and you got something out of all of us and down to the canvas.

I would like to come again, I have subscribed to your newsletter!

Best wishes, Jeanne"


— Jeanne Munthesen, DK

(Participant in Intuitive Abstract

Painting Workshop)

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