Decluttering and finding old photos, reflecting on life.....”Tell me, what do you plan to do with this One Wild and Precious Life of yours?”
I say: Love, love, love, live and love some more....♥️ Follow Your Heart!
Love is what brought me here....Love is what and why I Am....(what WE ALL are in Truth). Love is, and has always been my Calling, my Path, my deepest desire.. Calling me always deeper, .deeper into Truth, the Truth of Who I Am, into deeper Seeing, deeper Knowing.


Many times I got lost. God knows I have been through the darkest of times, facing deep crisis, feeling lost, confused and completely broken, feeling despair and deep anxiety, enduring years of panic attacks, burn-out, not knowing how I would ever get through... how I would survive...I did. I did survive....Those times. I. kept. going. All the time wondering what the f**ck the higher plan was with all this suffering....Struggling with finding my place in the was not easy. I felt I never fitted in.
I never really could fit in. Many times I felt like a foreign Bird, an outsider.
I somehow felt too much. Too deeply. And I saw too much too.

As a Young One I found it very difficult to be in a world, which seemed to me to have lost its connection to Heart, to Love....And expressions of Love. To feeling.


I remember one particular Night when I was seventeen, I was in deep despair....with my tears flowing I begged God to please take me away, to take me Home. I felt I could not continue breathing, taking one more breath without love, or stand to be one more minute in this World where I felt there was no Love. Not love at least as I remembered it....In my Heart. Deep in my Heart and Soul, I knew there existed a Love that was so much more....deeper and higher....Magnificent and Pure, full of Light and Beauty. Home.

In that moment with my tears flowing down my cheeks, as I stood there with my arms around me, embracing myself, holding myself, questioning how I would be able to live and go on, continue this my Life Journey ....I suddenly felt a warm Loving Presence with me, ensuring me, calming me, telling me: “ Do you think I would give you more than you could carry? Do you think I gave you this task, this calling, this Knowing so you would fail, and not be able to handle it?
Oh my Love, Go and live your life, make it Beautiful! You can do this! Follow, do and be what you find and know to be beautiful and true! What your Heart most desires...Live your Life in and with Beauty and Love, and your Life will be just that, beautiful and true.
Not false or fake or ugly. “


And now I question myself: Did I do it? Did I live my life with Purpose, with Beauty and in Love?


I can say that Life lead my down many roads where I had to choose. Many times I forgot that I had a choice and I abandoned myself. Believing I was not deserving or good enough. Or strong enough. There was fear and confusion clouding my inner vision, leading me onto blind roads and seemingly detours....Trying to figure out how to be and navigate in this World while being so highly sensitive.
Balancing standing up for myself and not abandoning my inner Truth while Living what was expected by society.


I failed. Seemingly. At least what society calls a failure. I could not live up to what was expected or normal to do. A part of me didn’t want to either. I did not resonate with. The. Norm. I had my own way of seeing and doing things. Which also brought me right into the Fire. Facing the longest and most profound crisis of my Life.
But also the deepest soul lessons of my Life.

I learned that no matter what is going on in my life, around me, no matter what the threat could be, no matter who might be trying to overpower me, or what was threatened to be taken away from me, or who would leave my life, THIS IS NOT THE END.... This does neither define me, nor does it have any true power over me. WHO I AM IS WHAT IS REAL.... WHO I AM IN MY CORE ESSENCE, CAN NEVER BE TAKEN NOR BROKEN.


I guess I had to go through the Darkest of Nights to truly find out what is REAL and TRUE. To shine the Light of my Love in the deepest darkest corners. Those deep dark nights of the soul brought the most precious jewels, invaluable lessons, my true treasure. Amongst the blood tears of a broken Heart lie sparkling golden diamonds.


My Heart has not failed. I have not stopped loving.


I have worked relentlessly to free myself. Unstoppable.
To Free myself from all that is weighing me down, holding me back, keeping me small. Freeing myself from Hiding. Freeing my self from any Fear.
I am here to Shine my brightest Light, and be True to my Highest Self. No one else but me can be me.


I promise myself to BE TRUE TO ME, MY CALLING. The calling of my Soul. My Soul calls me to live my Highest Dream.

In alignment with my Higher Heart and True Power. My True Power is Love. Everyone’s true power is Love.
Everything in this world calls for Love. Love is what this world needs. Love frees us. Love is what we are in truth. So many have forgotten, so many live in fear, have lost their way, have forgotten the choice they have. The choice to choose Love over Fear.
Eventually we will all Return to Love.


There are Three Ancient Sacred Ways of Love and Loving: Love of Self, Love of God, Love of Others.
Truly, there is no separation between those three.
My greatest lesson and challenge in life has been to truly love myself. To embrace and Love All of me.


I know this is why I came here.


This time it is different. This time it is possible. This time we can do this. This time the Light is unstoppable.

This time the World will awake.
This time....there is no other time. It is NOW. And WE ARE HERE.


So....tell me, what do YOU plan to do with this One Wild and Precious Life of yours?
What is calling you?
What do you hold most sacred?
What does your Heart hold most dear?


I know what I choose. I choose Truth. I choose Beauty. I choose Freedom. I choose to Walk in the Sovereignty and Beauty of my Soul. I choose to Walk as Love. I choose Love.



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