THE PATH OF LOVE / Healing the Wounds, Becoming Love

I am thrilled to share this wonderful book "Palabra: The Book of Living Essays" with you. 


In 2014, I had the deep honor of being invited to participate in a spectacular writing project by Santos Torres, Jr., who is a professor and editor.


The writing project resulted in this beautiful book pictured below, which was published in 2014. We were 18 writers living around the globe who participated in the project. The book is really a treasure box filled with amazing and touching stories of the Heart and Soul.

In my essay "The Path of Love - Healing the Wounds, Becoming Love", I reflect on & write about my chosen subject, LOVE. Love as a Soul Journey, a deep Path of Healing and Awakening. Love, as a key to shift and transcend the deep transformational crisis humanity is experiencing now. I reflect on how Love is the greatest power of the Universe, and our single source to freedom. Through living from our Hearts, and by choosing Love over Fear, we are all led Home. 

Eventually we all Return to Love, our True Divine Nature. 


For more info, or to purchase the book, please click on the image below.


Following text is an excerpt from my esssay:




As the world awakens, we are faced with ALL that separate us from the truth of who we really are.


The evolutionary journey of the Soul is an ongoing process, lessons to be learned and mastered, trials and hardships to overcome and evolve from. It is indeed a healing Journey and a journey into our own Hearts.


There are many ways to the Heart, and we all have our different purposes and paths in life - but we can’t deny that the Way of the Heart is also a thorny path, and for some of us it can be an ongoing process of sacrifices – and of crucifying ourselves into the matter of the earth.


In the process of awakening and remembering whom we are in our core essence: The Love, The Light - we draw to us/create circumstances, meetings, relationships in our lives as a reflection to us where and how our programming, our false beliefs, our “wounds” are holding us back from the Light, from returning Home.


Rumi once wrote: “The wound is where the light enters you”. I believe our wounds are shown to us in order for us to turn them into precious jewels of light, love and wisdom - by our love and understanding.


In the pressure of testing times and deep suffering we might feel completely broken or lost, yet I believe it is in this process we grow and mature, develop skills and wisdom, deepen our hearts’ capacity for love, empathy and compassion. 


And we are blessed with the gift of knowing our true power, as we learn: THAT WHICH WE TRULY ARE can never be destroyed or broken, nor taken.


As we realize that our wounds are but portals leading us back into the Light – our Heart becomes the place where pure GOLD, and the beauty of a thousand shimmering rainbow colored diamond is found - created by the grace of mysterious alchemy.


And so we bring our gift of a Compassionate and Shining Heart to the world, and to ALL.


We become The Wounded Healer.  With the blood of having our hearts broken again and again we pave the way for The Compassionate Golden Heart to shine ....For Unconditional Love, Christ Consciousness to emerge on our planet, beloved Mother Earth.




In this process we eventually learn that everything can be seen as a gift, and as an opportunity to learn more of who we are, and can become – and we learn to be responsible for our own lives/creation.


We are truly not victims of others or of this world - we learn the art of detaching: “To be in this world, but not of it." We learn to take back our power and stand in our truth. And we learn a NEW way - We learn The Way of The Heart is the only way - We learn to live from the Heart.


As we mature in this learning and growing process, we go from being rather innocent naive daughters and sons of God/ Goddess/Source to become mature powerful responsible co-creators of the Universe. Devoted to the task of serving God, the evolution of humanity and this planet - the Whole.


As we are daughters and sons of God/Goddess/Source, so we are sisters and brothers.


When the illusion of separation from God/Source - and of being separate from one another – dissolves, I believe that we will create Heaven on Earth.


For as said in the Bible: “Do to others as you would have them do to you.”(Luke 6:13) or “What you do unto another being - you do to yourself”.


Sooner or later you are - (through all the suffering you face and experience by choosing fear/illusion for love/truth, and by leaving your true treasure: your own heart’s deepest truth, truest desires) - led back to your own true Self, your own true Heart, and the wisdom of your Heart: LOVE.


 “Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins.” (Bible, Peter4:8)


As high frequency waves of Love and Light are pouring down over our planet (as part of the Plan) - NOTHING can remain stuck or hidden. Where Light shines, darkness cannot be. Where Love washes over, Truth must be. Unconscious will become conscious. Everything and all which is blocking Love and Light will emerge, come to surface – asking to be cleared, purified, understood, made peace with, transformed, healed, embraced and loved into the light.

Love is indeed a Master Healer. Not to be ignored. Love transforms. Love heals. Love conquers All.




Choosing to be here on planet Earth right now is indeed an extraordinary ride, and not for the fainthearted, as the great shift in consciousness is now accelerating and speeding up in process, and as said before: All that is not build on truth (love) is collapsing.


It can be so very soul shattering and challenging to go through a death and rebirth process - a Metamorphosis, the deep process of letting go of the old in order to make room for the new: A New Earth - A New Way of the Human - A New Way of being and doing, seeing, communicating, relating, creating - but we are indeed the ones we have been waiting for.

No one is going to do it for us. We ourselves have to do and be what we came here for and what we wish to see and experience here.


What we wish to create for the future children of the Earth - for them to see and experience - we must create NOW!

We must choose NOW.




So we are asked to do the work. Face, release, clear, embrace, heal all that is preventing us from standing in our truth, and be the Beings of Love and Light that we truly are.


What do you choose? LOVE or FEAR?

Might sound like an easy question to answer, yet choosing the path of Love is no easy ride. You must be prepared to be stripped naked. It takes courage and determination. Yet, I sincerely believe the reward is similar and immensely great … Heavenly Grace and Divine Love to fall upon us.


But we will have to do the work, to face and deal with ALL our fears, wounds and shadows, and learn new ways, as love and fear cannot co-exist, as FEAR is an illusion. Made of the mind, the ego, which was born out of the separation from God. The mind/the ego want by all means to be in control, feel safe. It is human nature to want to feel safe and on top of things...


Alas, being asked to surrender to the ride, to let go of control and the need to know where to you are taken, what will happen in the wild river of change - in the midst of chaos and uncertainty – can indeed feel very challenging.


In the midst of the great unknown, there is a vastness of possibilities. Yet, nothing happens by chance. If you truly believe there IS a Sacred Order/a Greater Intelligence/a Divine Plan, you must surrender to Trust. And when you anchor yourself into your center, into your heart, into the love, which is your divine Essence - I believe Love will hold you safe and guide you in the best possible direction. Always.  Listen to your heart. It knows the way exactly.


Furthermore, as you surrender to the sacred Knowing that All is Well - I believe a sense of peace, immense joy and freedom will arise in you, coming from letting yourself off the hook, which the mind/ego/fear so desperately is trying to keep you on.


And as you do the work and heal yourself, or rather ALIGN yourself with the Truth of what you already are - with your GodPresence/IAM Presence/with Source - you are healing The Whole.


That IS so, it must be so - as we are indeed One. This leaves us then with a great responsibility, as you recognize that your every single thought, every single word and every single action count, and that your life has an enormous impact on the whole of creation.


It is vital that we choose bravely and consciously, with awareness of the responsibility each one of us hold in our power to co-create - with our choices."













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