Unleash your creative powers....

Come and join us in this small group workshop where we will explore intuitive painting on canvas. You will be introduced to some basic techniques in how you can create intuitive abstract art with acrylic paint on canvas. 

The approach is playful and meditative.

In the process we focus on the joy of creating and we practice being fully present in the now - opening to, sensing what wants to be expressed on the canvas. It is about getting out of the head and instead listen to our heart and intuitive self - allow this to guide us and inform us and through our playfulness and deepening with the colors, materials and play we may experience deep nourishment.

Intuitive painting is a really fun and exciting process that strengthens our creativity and joy of living. Often it opens us to new insights through the deepening with the painting. 


We will start with a short guided visualization, which may serve as a focus point or inspiration  for what you can work with on the canvas. After this, I will be demonstrating some basic techniques in intuitive painting and the use of different tools.

The rest of the day we will have be deeply immersed in the creation of our artwork.

I support and guide each participant individually as needed.
You don't need to have any art experience. All are welcome.

You will be introduced to some techniques, which you can practice with after the course.


Come join us...Explore with your senses....Paint  from your Heart...



"After my participation in Betinna's workshop in intuitive painting, I was feeling so high. I experienced a profound opening of my senses and the creative processes.

We were introduced to different types of tools, and afterwards we worked in a meditative way.

When I paint, I am very controlled with what I do and focused on a direction. I learned to let go, which was enormeously freeing, and such a learning experience.

Betinna is warmhearted and patient, and I can really recommend her workshop.

I am already looking forward to the next time."


— Maibritt Skovgaard, Teacher, DK

(Participant in "Intuitive Abstract

Painting Workshop")

The Workshop is on Sundays, 1pm - 5.30pm. We will take a lunchbreak, remember to take with you what you want to eat and drink. It might be possible to buy coffee/tea too. Dates and place will be announced here.

INTROPRICE: 350, - kr  (if you bring your own canvas) / 385, - kr (canvas from roll included)
There are only 6 spots availabl, so first come, first served.

INCLUDED: Free use of Acrylic Paint, different tools, spatulas, brushes, sponges. plates, spraybottles, towels, rubber gloves, if you need such. Remember clothing that can take some paint stains.

NOT INCLUDED: Canvas on roll or canvas board. You need to bring your own canvas board, if you want a gallery-wrapped canvas. A good size is 60 x 80 cm, or 50 x 70 cm. OR you can choose to buy a canvas in the size of about 70 x 70 cm for 35, - kr. extra from me. It is not a canvas board, but from a canvas roll. 

To register you need to call me or send me a message on my mobile 20613907, saying that you want to participate. When you have received a confirmation back from me, and I have received your payment, you are registrated.
Payment is by MobilePay: 20613907 or by bank transfer: 5379 kontonr. 0381098.

Remember to write your full name and ”Intuitive Painting Workshop”, when you make your payment. Refunds will not be given with less than 1 week's notice. You will however be offered the opportunity to join next time I am facilitating the same workshop.


NOTICE!  I am not able to facilitate workshops at the moment due to a concussion.
If you subscribe to my newsletter you will get noticed when new workshops are coming up.

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