Connect with your Soul


Explore the Power of Your Creativity


Are you longing to express yourself creatively? Do you want to connect deeper with your inner Feminine?

Come join me on an exciting creative journey, where you will meet and paint an aspect of your Soul,

the Goddess Within, your Divine Feminine....

My workshops are not only for women. Men are also welcomed!

All of us, both men and women, have an inner feminine side, as well as a masculine side.

It is, when we heal, balance and unite our inner Sacred Feminine and Masculine, that we return to wholeness, 

to balance and harmony within ourselves.... As we heal ourselves, we help heal the world. We are All One.




In all of my "Soul Art Awakening" painting classes and workshops, I use an intuitive painting approach where your Heart and Soul get an opportunity to be heard... I have been working intensely with this process for several years now - both separate as well as in togetherness with women from all over the world, and I have personally experienced and also witnessed others' powerful transformations, deep healing and insights gained through this process.

You don't need to have any painting experience to particpate. All you need is a wish to connect with your own creativity. Expressing yourself creatively is deeply nourishing for your soul, your inner artist and child, the whole of you on so many levels.  Come join, experience how powerful your creative powers are!


Awaken Your Soul Wisdom & Creative Power


During our "Paint Your Divine Feminine" workshops we will go on a journey to connect with the Divine Feminine within and our own Soul Voice.

What is calling you, what is moving in you, what is wanting to be expressed through you, and known by you?

* You are encouraged to let go of mind and surrender to trust, trust your own heart and intuitive voice as we go within to connect with the Divine Feminine. Through painting we are exploring our inner world and we will access our own Soul Voice and Feminine Power.

* We will practice the art of deep listening and allowing.

We will use paint as a way to communicate with our Soul and we will honor the canvas as a Portal - allowing what is inside to be expressed onto the canvas, and to bring its medicine to us.

* You will learn through simple steps to paint a female face. The real learning however is what you'll experience and discover through the painting process.


* "Paint Your Divine Feminine" workshops are designed for both beginners as well as intermediate painters. You do not need to have any prior painting experience. All you need is a curiosity or longing to connect with your creative power, and a willingness to be open to the process. 

* * * 

I use an intuitive painting approach called the "Art of Allowing", which is founded by the american visionary artist, Flora Aube. I am trained in and a Certified Facilitator of this painting approach, and I am really thrilled to be able to bring this amazing approach forward to you.


  • A workshop usually runs over two days from 12 pm -18 pm (or if needed over 3 days from 12 pm - 16 pm). 

  • All materials are included (one gallery wrapped high quality canvas, free use of all tools, high pigmented Golden Fluid acrylic paint)  

  • Inclusive: A light lunch, tea/coffee, snacks og fruits. 

  • Contact me for registration or more information.


  • A two-day One on One Workshop: 1.900 dkk 

  • Couples/Small group (max 4): 1.600 dkk each participant.

"It was a very giving experience to paint with Betinna. The process included a guided meditation and connection to the divine sacred Feminine, and from this I received very powerful and useful messages that I continue to use.

The integration of the knowing and inner guidance into a painting was a very intense experience and it is helping me to manifest that knowing into my life.


Betinna's encouragement and guidance was very helpful and I had to just surrender to the process, and I am glad I did!

I am amazed at the unfolding of the painting and that it was possible to achieve in 2-3 days. It was a very safe, giving and transformative process, and I am very happy for this experience of using creativity in the unfolding of spirituality."


               — Barbara Mauritson






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