Would you love to have your own unique portrait made?

I do commissioned artwork in pastels, crayon and acrylic on paper or canvas.

I do classic portraits after a photo, or special Portraits, Soul Portraits, which reflect the unique energy and essence of your Soul.. 

I do also portraits of animals, whether that will be of your pet or your personal power animal. 

To make a portrait I need a good photo of you or of whom, you want me to portrait. 

Contact me via link above to make your order.

Please feel free to contact me anytime for any further information or if you have any questions.

I would love to connect with you!

A Soul Portrait is an unique painting, that reflects and captures your unique essence and frequencies. It can serve to support you as a loving reminder and inspire you in relation to your unique purpose.

The picture that I will ask you to send me, will serve as a tool for me to tune in to your unique soul essence.

I can use the photo as a reference and copy/paint it directly into the painting - or if you wish a more figurative/abstract painting instead, I can do that too.

We will discuss your preferences and ideas, before I start.

Before I make a portrait I create a sacred space to work in, I pray, meditate and empty myself, so I may be a clear vessel to receive and allow what comes to me to work through me. I paint and draw what I feel guided to: colors, forms, animals or symbols, and so on. What manifest is uniquely related to you, and it will have a special meaning or message for you.



What is your Personal Power Animal....?

Power Animals are Spirit Animals, your invisible companions. They exist in the invisible realms. Some can be with you just in certain periods of your life and some throughout your entire life.  They serve as guides and guardians - assisting you with their wisdom, power and energy.

To have a picture made of your personal power animal can be a powerful way to connect deeper with its energy and its purpose in your life. 

If you want a Personal Portrait of your Power Animal, please contact me. If you don't know your personal Power Animal, I can help you find out.


"Whether we are aware of it or not, we all have power animals that symbolize the instinctual aspects of our soul in its natural, most unspoiled state."

- Dr. Alberto Villoldo 

Præstøgade 5a, 2. tv

2100 Copenhagen Ø, Denmark


Tel: (+ 45) 20 61 39 07

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