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Betinna Puigvntos Petersen

“I am deeply fascinated by intuitive painting ....I continually find myself in wonder and in awe by its power to awaken and transform, heal and bring deep insights....It is indeed powerful!"


"Soul Art Awakening"


Betinna is Certificed as Facilitator of the "Art Of Allowing" painting approach by Flora Aube´s Art Of Allowing Academy. 
"Art Of Allowing" is an intuitive painting approach developed by Flora Aube, an american visionary artist and leader of women's circles, also the founder of Art Of Allowing Academy. 
Betinna has been working for several years in the field of Graphic Design and Layout.
Betinna is also Diploma Certified as a Flower Essence Practitioner and Theraphist by "Spirit of Flower", Eva og Steen Selander, Vordingborg DK.

I love seeing students beam with joy, as they open up to their creative power and go exploring with all of their heart and senses ... These are precious moments I live for....To feel their Joy and Passion... To witness the Joy and Happiness sparkle in their eyes...."

Betinna has deep experience as a spaceholder in online art courses with large groups of women.
She has been assisting as co-facilitator during a 10 week online art course "Sensual Innocence", where around 100 women particpated from all over the world.
She has also assisted as spaceholder in "Gold Dust Woman",
a global online art course with 160 women gathering.

Since I was a young girl I have felt an urge to express myself creatively. I started my art journey by drawing my barbie doll, from there it quickly evolved, and I drew many portraits of friends and family, animals too. I would also look for inspiring beautiful photos of women which I then copied. I somehow felt particularly drawn to portrait The Beauty of a Woman in all her ways... Her Mystery. Her Sensuality. I found it fascinating to capture her essence, to portrait a woman's sensual and deep Nature, her Heart, her Love, her Pain, her many faces /journeys through Life - by drawing her Face, the special look in her eyes, the shape of her lips, her naked curves or her posture, her hands holding or touching something.

I still do, however now I seldom copy. I feel passionate about painting and drawing Her as I find Her, see Her and connect with Her within. It makes sense why I have always felt drawn to paint the Feminine as this is part of my purpose for coming here: To assist the Rising of the Divine Feminine and the grande awakening, the great shift in consciousness we are experiencing now.


I almost stopped drawing and painting as life led me through many trials and dark nights of the Soul. Although, my soul was calling me to emerge myself completely in the creative arts, and do what I love the most, I abandonned this calling for a very long time. I felt consistently frustrated and unfulfilled as the voice of my Soul persisted in calling me, beckoning me to say YES - to listen to my Heart, my Knowing and what so deeply wanted to be expressed through me.


It took me another soulshattering deep heartbreak to finally surrender, and say YES. I said YES as the longing for fullfillment of my Soul's purpose and the fear of dying without having lived my purpose, my heart's truest desires, finally became stronger than my fears: The fear of stepping out of my cave and become visible, shining my Light. The fear of not being deserving, or good enough, the fear of being hurt or rejected.


As I said Yes, magical things started to happen. I was soon led to Flora Aube's online art course "The Art of Allowing", and from that moment I felt a huge opening, a river of inspiration, a creative passionate fire, running fast, wild and furious within me. I still hardly can keep up with all the paintings, creations, inside of me  - wanting to be expressed, birthed through me. 


All the years of feeling blocked, lost, frustrated, of trying unsuccesfully to compromise myself to fit into something I did not even feel truly happy with have now catapulted me even deeper, more powerfully into a passionate devotion and desire to live from my Heart, my true essence - to follow my Heart, my Joy, my Truth, Inner Knowing - express myself and live the purpose of my Soul.


It is with great joy I now facilitate art workshops. I feel very passionate about holding space for others to open and reawaken to their own creative power, and find true joy.


"My deepest passion is to create Beauty and to serve Love....To alchemize All I experience and encounter in life into Beauty and Medicine of The Heart and Soul."



I paint The Many Faces of A Woman, The Feminine Soul, in all her many-faceted aspects, expressions and archetypes.

A Woman's Beauty and Mystery, the depth of a Woman's Heart and Soul continously captures and inspires me. 

The Feminine is deeply mystical, divine, earthy, caring, wild, soft, tender, compassionate, creative, peaceful, powerful, loving, seeing, ancient .....She is endlessly deep and wise. She is Nature herself, She contains ALL. 


Women, The Divine Feminine, The Goddess have been suppressed, neglected, silenced, mistreated and abused through thousands of years, and still are in many cultures.


I feel deeply passionate about assisting The Rising of The Divine Feminine in whatever way I can, and help Women (and Men) awaken to, remember and claim their Sovereignty. their Soul Power, their true Essence and Beauty.

When we heal and embrace the wounds and shadows of our own inner Feminine and Masculine, and bring them into balance and union within, we help heal ALL. 


Making Soul Art leads me on an adventurous Journey into the Great Mystery and the Heart of Love. It is a fascinating process of surrrendering, opening, letting go, allowing, inner listening and TRUSTING. 

Trusting that I am led all the way, through all the phases of a creation. One could also see it as the art of deeply surrendering to God/Goddess within, the Great Mystery, the Great Unknown.


My art making is also a spiritual practice as I constantly seek to empty myself - over and over again - so I may become a vessel, a midwife for this wild river of inspiration, creation, beauty, Knowing moving through me, and allow it to be birthed into visible creative expressions. 

Each creation is an unique expression of my journey into the Mystery, carrying its own unique medicine, frequencies and message.​

Each journey is an adventurous experience, leading me into deeper Knowing and discovery of my Self, of all that I am, in all dimensions.


I never know what will happen or what I will end up with.

It truly is a journey into the Unknown, and this constantly fascinates me and pulls me in, also when it takes all my courage to continue diving into the Mystery.

Because I might be facing all kinds of emotions, old beliefs, behavioral patterns, wounds might surface. Unconscious becomes conscious, I experience my light, my darkness, my woundedness and my "wholeness"/holiness: 


All is mirrored to me through the art making. 

I find myself being the mirror and the one who is being mirrored at the same time.

This power Soul Art holds to serve as a tool of awakening, alchemizing and expanding consciousness is beyond words fascinating and powerful.

As I let myself become an instrument, allowing a Higher Wisdom to lead me and flow through me, my hands move, I paint, I choose colors and tools - and I do it with the trust that follows a deep surrendering, listening and allowing....

As I follow and honor what I feel called and drawn to do in every moment I trust all will be well - that the journey will bring its gift, its blessing, its healing medicine to me.

Even during stages where all seems messy and/or without sense, and I don't have a clue about where I am going; If I keep going, keep doing, keep listening, keep following my inner guidance, I know I will arrive at a place where I will harvest......Beauty and wisdom, pearls and diamonds, beautiful treasures, healing medicine will be found.

This is Soul Art as it is truly my own Soul and the Divine Feminine leading me and expressing herself through me. I become but a vessel for what wants to move through me, for what wants to be birthed through me.


As human beings we are experiencing truly extraordinary times; a great shift in consciousness is taking place on Mother Earth, and we are seeing old structures and paradigms falling apart and dying.


New ways of living, being, seeing and creating are being called for.

My passion and purpose is to help co-create the New and bring Heaven on Earth.


I see this happening by the Rising and Return of The Divine Feminine, The Goddess - and by the Awakening of Heart and Soul... Being Who we are in truth: PURE LOVE.

“Through Love all that is bitter will be sweet, 

Through Love all that is copper will be gold, 

Through Love all dregs will become wine, 

Through Love all pain will turn to medicine."


- Rumi 


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